The Art and Science of Internet Domain Names

The Internet Domain Name sets the stage for your web presence on the Internet. It is often the most important aspect of your brand and domain development strategy.

An "industry" has evolved around domain names, including rather sophisticated technologies and methodologies for finding, registering, buying and selling domain names. The domain industry is also home to a unique flavor of International politics, as domain names don't respect political borders, yet they drive commerce across those borders like no other commercial vehicle ever devised.

John Andrews has been in the domain game since the Internet was commercialized, and participates as a domainer and web publisher through today. More specific information and advice on domaining will be published on this page.

In the mean time, read John's blog for current events related to Internet search, web publishing, and domaining.

Hot Domain Names for Sale

  • - a logical base for a next-generation SEO portal. Crosses over from PR to SEO and online marketing, which, as we all know, is the future of online marketing.
  • - I don’t like Bill O’Reilly, but I like his show’s name "O’Reilly Factor". It has predisposed at least 2 generations of Americans to expect lively and entertaining coverage on websites like this one. Most exciting might be a celebrity crossover play into the ORM space.. wow.. what a great idea. I bet celebs would be high margin customers for ORM, no?
  • - looks good for a front end lead gen site for the rapidly growing industry of Online Reputation Management. This is probably a Web 2.0 style foothold into the market, and a very profitable side sell of basic SEO services.
  • - lots of potential, but perhaps most value as a low-overhead entry via portal development (mash-up). The world is ripe for an ORM mashup right now
  • - Could be a defining play for a solo in the PR world, or an SEO consultant moving into the ORM space (online reputation management). Nice landing page for an eBook or even affiliate for a real book.

If you want any of these domain names, inquire with an offer to john @ this domain.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic, often technical approach to web publishing centered around search engine marketing (SEM). At Upper Left Placement we seek to publish content so as to draw as many referrals as possible from search engines, of the type we need to achieve your business goals. Higher rank on the right keywords equals higher volume of qualified visitors.

Competitive Web Publishing

If you publish content to the world wide web, you have competitors. You compete for attention, and if your web pages seek to achieve specific goals such as product sales or lead collection, you compete for customers. Effective SEO helps your web pages appear at the top (in the "upper left") of the search engine results pages, where they are most likely to be seen.

Methods, Process, and SEO Ethics

We are knowledge consultants, but we also know how to execute. We advise our clients, provide actionable guidance, and help get the tasks done when appropriate. We use traditional SEO methods to remove barriers to search inclusion, and we optimize content for search engines. We answer questions, we explain our actions, and we train those eager to learn. We use innovative and advanced methods to beat the competition. We pave new roads when it seems advantageous to go in new directions. Our ethics are solid - we do what works, in ways that win for our clients and their customers. We don't cheat, but we're not foolish, either. We strive to understand opportunities and associated risks well enough to support wise and accurate decision making, seeking long term success, every single time.

Active SEO Client Projects

Looking for an impressive list of clients for which we have performed stellar search engine optimization? Down below and occasionally highlighted on the left are active projects underway, but client names are protected. SEO is a competitive endeavor. Search engines would love to know which web sites are actively striving to rank better, so they can scrutinize SEO methods deployed and "manage" the effectiveness of anything that actually works well. I won't jeopardize my clients that way, nor do I want to expose my own work to deconstruction by junior SEO's trying to look good for their own clients. If you're serious about competing, and you reach a point where some external validation would make you want to hire us, let's talk. Give us a call and we'll help you make the right decision.


An SEO must continually develop a toolkit of SEO Best Practices. Experience plays in increasingly important role as search engines become smarter and more sophisticated, and competition increases. Upper Left Placement's lead SEO John Andrews started optimizing content for search engines before Google was born. His thought leadership in competitive SEO is well regarded in the SEO industry. He participates in professional meetings, is invited to speak at conferences, and contributes articles on SEO for technical magazines and web sites. John knows SEO, and he leads our team of designers, developers, marketers and business strategists.

SEO in Seattle, Washington 98104

A now successful entrepreneur once compared the East Coast to Seattle by telling his own story of innovation. Back in Boston, when he said he wanted to start a traditional business, his friends told him that if his idea was doable, someone would already have done it. But when he visited Seattle and spoke of his plans, people cheered him on and said he should totally go for it. "Work hard and innovate and you can beat the established players", they said. Our own experience is similar. Seattle is one of the most Internet-aware cities in the world. SEO is very competitive and just about everyone in Seattle knows enough about the web to claim some SEO expertise. Yet, we are happy to compete and thrilled to succeed as a respected SEO consultancy in the Pacific Northwest. We feel we are surrounded not by competitors, but potential partners.

Serious SEO Right Here in Bellingham, Washington

When we first came to Bellingham in 2003, we surveyed the local web landscape and noticed the only modern, smartly-crafted web sites (from an SEO and technology perspective) were built by web designers in Seattle. Apparently local Bellingham small businesses were hiring Seattle design firms. We later discovered that some of the best talent Seattle has to offer quietly resides here in Bellingham. So now you know: there's some serious SEO and web development talent in Bellingham, Washington. You just have to know how to find it.

Active SEO Projects

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